Do you own an Indigo Mastercard but are not sure about how to go about making timely payments, understanding fee structure, or utilising customer service efficiently? Then you’ve come to the right place! This article will discuss FAQs in-depth to keep your financial worries at bay.

How Can I Pay My Indigo Credit Card Bill?

There are various ways to pay your Indigo credit card bill. Let’s delve into commonly used methods.

Using your online Indigo account for payments

With an online account, you can easily make an Indigo credit card payment by entering your card number and selecting the amount you want to pay. It’s as convenient as logging in, choosing ‘pay your bill’, entering payment amount, and clicking on ‘make a payment’ to proceed. Remember that you can arrange either a debit or online payment depending on your preference.

Indigo Mastercard in-person payments

If you are not comfortable transacting online, visit your bank to make an Indigo Credit Card Payment. Simply provide your Indigo card number and the payment amount to the bank official for in-person transactions.

Paying with the Indigo card mobile app

With the upgrade of technology, you can simply download the Indigo Card mobile app and follow the prompts to pay your Indigo credit card bill. It provides a hassle-free and quick bill payment experience.

What Are the Indigo Platinum Mastercard Payment Options?

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a card especially designed for those with less than perfect credit. Let’s look into the payment options.

Differences between the Indigo Platinum and other card types

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard comes with the same payment options as a regular Indigo Card. The main difference lies in the credit score and credit history requirements, which are less stringent compared to other cards.

Paying your Indigo Platinum online

To pay your Indigo Platinum Mastercard bill, simply log into your online account and select ‘make an Indigo credit card payment’. Enter your card number and the amount you want to pay, and you’re good to go!

Pre-qualifying for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard

With less than perfect credit, you can still pre-qualify for an Indigo Platinum Mastercard. This is great news for individuals aiming to boost their credit history.

Understanding the Impact of Indigo Payments on Your Credit Score

Let’s understand how making payments to your Indigo Card can impact your credit score.

Maintaining credit score with timely Indigo payments

Timely payments on your Indigo Card are recorded in your credit history and contribute positively to your credit score. A maintained payment history is considered favourable by credit ranking agencies like Concora Credit.

Getting back on track after late Indigo Mastercard payments

Making payments past the due date negatively impacts your credit score. However, regularising your payment patterns and ensuring every future payment reaches on time can help you recover and reestablish a good credit score.

Improving credit score with the Indigo credit card

Since the Indigo Mastercard is a card tailored for people with less-than-perfect credit, making consistent payments via this card can help to improve your overall credit score.

What Are the Late Fees on My Indigo Credit Card

We understand that understanding late fees can be confusing. Let’s clarify this further.

Indigo’s late fees structure

Indigo’s late fees structure is outlined in your card’s terms and conditions, usually a flat rate fee is applied when payments are overdue.

Disputing late fees with Indigo Mastercard

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully charged a late fee on your Indigo Mastercard, get in touch with the Indigo credit card customer service to dispute it. They’ll help you to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Avoiding late fees on your Indigo card

To avoid late fees, make sure to arrange your payments well in advance of the due date. Making your Indigo card payment over the phone or through the mobile app are efficient and fast methods to ensure you never miss a payment.

Frequently Asked Concerns in Indigo Credit Card Customer Service

Still have doubts in mind? Indigo’s stellar customer service is always there to help.

Using the Indigo customer service

You can connect with the Indigo credit card customer service via phone, email, or through the live chat feature on their website. They are responsive and ready to assist you with your card-related queries.

Commonly asked questions to the Indigo customer service

Common questions include how to make an Indigo credit card bill payment, understanding payment options, or providing guidance on how to dispute late fees.

Resolving issues through Indigo customer service

The Indigo customer service team strives to resolve all customer inquiries. Reach out to them with your credit card number ready for quicker resolution of your card-related concerns.